Anonymous Hacked Russian TV to Broadcast Ukrainian War

Photo by Stillness InMotion on Unsplash

Anonymous hacked three of Russia’s TV channels and two streaming services to broadcast live footage of what’s happening in Ukraine.

The affected channels are Russia 24, Moscow 24, and First Channel. Streaming services Wink and Ivi have also been hacked.

The group announced the move on their Twitter on March 6 (23:54GMT).

They posted footage of the hack on Twitter:

The news comes after the group said they’re declaring cyberwar on Russia earlier this week.

The group then claimed responsibility for disrupting the websites of an oil giant and a state-controlled media agency, as well as several Russian and Belarussian websites.

Earlier in Feb, they also took down more than 300 Russian media and bank websites.

But this newest move comes after Russia introduced a censorship law threatening imprisonment and forced labor over the spreading of ‘fake news’.

Anyone found spreading false information about the Russian army could face up to three years in prison or a fine of 1.5 million roubles.

But if people are in an official position for which they are renumerated, they could spend up to 15 years in prison.

This, effectively shut down all independent media in Russia that called the Ukrainian invasion a war rather than a special military operation.

Therefore, Anonymous’s move may be exceptionally important.

Reaching ordinary Russian people who are only fed lies by their government and showing them the truth is incredibly hard right now.

Twitter is supportive of the move too.

User hperk209 said: “Damn heroic. Thank you @ YourAnonCentral”

And user theHumbleBeing said: “The heroes we need but don’t deserve”

Several media outlets, including the Independent, have covered the attack.

Who is Anonymous?

Anonymous is a decentralized hacktivist movement known for its various cyberattacks against government institutions and corporations.

The group notably dons Guy Fawkes masks to remain anonymous.

While initially, the decentralized community focused on entertainment, they have since taken political stances.

They have previously attacked the Islamic State and the Church of Scientology, for example.

They have been especially united during the Ukrainian conflict despite the fact their community comes from all over the world and often has differing views.

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